Wireless Calf Compression Sleeve

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Changeable Patterns

The RENPHO Wireless Calf Compression Sleeve provides 3 variations of massage modes and 3 different intensity levels. By continuously inflating and deflating the smart interior compression capsules, it kneads and massages the leg muscles to relieve: tight calves, leg pain, circulatory issues, muscle fatigue, edema swelling, and other muscle pains.

Lightweight and Wearable

Complete with a convenient storage bag, the RENPHO Leg Massager can be used in the home or office and even on-the-go. Suitable for hikers, dancers, cyclists, sedentary workers, etc.

Durable Battery

With high-quality lithium batteries, the RENPHO Leg Massager can be used for up to 160 minutes per full charge; enough for an entire week of therapeutic massages! The 20 minute Smart Auto-Off Timer protects your muscles as well as the battery life.