Eye Spa Pods

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.Relax Your Eyes at Home

Renpho Eye Spa Pods are designed to perk tired and puffy eyes without going to the spa. Featuring 3 modes with cooling and heating cycles, the eye massager provides a comfortable temperature between 20℃- 39℃ to best suit your needs. Great for a refreshing start to your morning or relaxing at the end of the work day.


Cooling Mode to Reduce Puffiness

Reduce puffiness, and swelling and refreshes eyes with the Eye Spa Pods at 68°F/ 20°C with a built-in timer of 3 minutes. 



Heating Mode to Relieve Dry Eyes and Fatigue 

Enjoy a 10-minute heated treatment at 102°F/ 39°C to soothe, relax and moisturize dried and tired eyes. 



Choose Warm & Cool Modes to Restore Bright Eyes 

Choose temperatures between 20-39°C to improve eye microcirculation, eliminate dark circles and restore bright eyes. Enjoy cool and warm temperature changes that gently run around your eyes.



.Adjustable to Fit All Face Shapes

The pods can rotate 270° and slide sideways to comfortably fit all face shapes. 


.Smart Design

Renpho Eye Spa Pods are sleek, lightweight, and designed for a soothing sensation. In addition, its innovative design allows easy storage.


.Spa-like Therapy for Instant Relief

Enjoy the most relaxing and soothing therapeutic experience on the eyes and sinuses to enjoy at home or to take it to use on the go!

.Hypoallergenic Massage Heads

Made with aluminum alloy metal heads for speedy temperature induction changes within 5 seconds, it is coated with hypoallergenic silver for easy cleaning.


Optimal Experience Timer

Designed to create the best experience per usage mode, with an auto-off timer of 3 minutes for Cooling Mode, 10 minutes of Heating Mode, and 8 minutes of Cooling + Heating Cycle.



Surface craft : Glossy
Main material : ABS + Aluminum alloy
Product Size : 170*60*69mm
Product Weight :251g
Battery Capacity :600mAh
Charging voltage :5V 1A
Charging time :2.5H
Charging port :Type-C