Top 5 Searched Hiking Trails in Hong Kong for 2021

Hong Kong is so well known for business and banking, but did you know 75% of Hong Kong’s territory is green? There are some wonderful scenic hiking trails all over the city. With its amazing city skyline and bustling city centre, one would not commonly associate Hong Kong with hiking. 

Hong Kong is full of countryside, with rugged hills, islands and islets. It is possible to find well-maintained hiking trails in Hong Kong, ranging from gentle family walks to muscle-aching, long-distance hiking trails. 

Hiking is so popular in Hong Kong that we've compiled a list of the most searched hiking trails on Google. There is sure to be one Hong Kong hike that will excite you to explore.


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1. The Peak 

5900 searches on Google confirm that The Peak is Hong Kong's most popular hike. The hike up the Peak provides magnificent views across Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. The best time for this hike is early morning or sunset to take in some wonderful scenic views.

Start hiking from the bottom of Old Peak Road and wind your up to the Peak Tower. Then there is an easy walk along Harlech Road to Lugard Road. Here you head to Mount High West for the magical views of Hong Kong Island. 

2. Lion Rock

4600 searches on Google make Lion Rock Hong Kong's second most searched hike. The iconic Lion Rock stands out as one of the most prominent landmarks in Hong Kong. With its unique shape, Lion Rock has been considered by some people as one of the most beautiful spots in Hong Kong.

There are two main ways to reach the top of the Lion Rock. We recommend starting from the Lion Rock Country Park, where concrete steps lead one right up to the top. From there, you'll be able to see the entire city spread out before you. 

Lion Rock Hiking Trail


3. Sunset Peak

With 4100 searches on Google, Hong Kong's third most searched hike is Sunset Peak, on Lantau Island. Sunset Peak makes for an interesting and scenic hike. This hike on Lantau Island is challenging and well known for its epic stairway climb to one of the best viewpoints in Hong Kong. As you can imagine, it is an excellent spot to watch the sunset over Lantau. 

The hike is also famous for its lush green carpets of grass. There are also historical stone huts along the trail built last century for the missionaries as holiday retreats. To get to Sunset Peak, you start at Tung Chung Railway Station. From there, you can either walk to the trail or take a local minibus. The trail or minibus will lead you to Wong Lung Hang Picnic Site. Here will be the entrance to the hike where you can follow the signs to Sunset Peak.

4. Cape D'Aguilar 

Cape D'Aguilar, with 3900 searches on Google, is a breezy place on the southeastern tip of Hong Kong Island. It is an easy hike and suitable for hot days, given the constant sea breeze. There are spectacular panoramic views of the sea and peculiar rocky shores for hikers. Also, along the route, one can explore a hundred-year-old lighthouse, sea caves and steep coastal cliffs. 

To get to Cape D'Aguilar, get on the No.9 bus at Shau Kei Wan MTR Station and get off at Cape D'Aguilar Road. Cape D'Aguilar Road is this hike's starting point. From here, follow the signed path to the cape.

5. High Junk Peak 

In the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong, High Junk Peak is a moderate hiking trail. With 1700 searches on Google, it ranks fifth in terms of searches. The hike combines a few stairs, a few rolling hills, and incredible sights.

This hiking trail offers spectacular views of Clearwater Bay. It starts at a fishing village then follows a ridge with outstanding views. One of the highlights is that you can end the hike with a wonderful swim at Clear Water Bay. 

6. Dragon's Back (tied 5th)

Dragon's Back Trail has 1700 searches on Google. It ranks fifth most searched with High Junk Peak hiking trail. This hike is great for all fitness levels and is one of the most iconic hiking trails in Hong Kong. It is easy to access from the city centre. There are some excellent views along the trail too. 

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Other well searched hiking trails in Hong Kong

With such diverse options for hiking in Hong Kong, there is a suitable hike for anyone. Some other well searched hiking trails are:

  • Devil's Peak (1,100 searches)
  • Violet Hill (900 searches)
  • Tai Lam Chung Reservoir (400 searches)
  • Ham Tin Wan (250 searches)

Recovering tired and sore muscles after a day of hiking

A day of hiking will surely make your muscles ache. Hiking is a great way to exercise and, at the same time, see some beautiful scenery in Hong Kong.

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We hope you will try out some of these fantastic, highly searched for hiking trails soon. Rest assured, you will enjoy the scenery and fantastic views.