The Most Searched Recreation Activities in Hong Kong 2021

Given its amazing city skyline, most people barely associate Hong Kong with outdoor or trendy recreation activities. But did you know that there are thousands of searches on Google for trendy activities? Or that 75% of Hong Kong's territory is green? Hong Kong is also blessed with numerous city parks and sports centres. Given the number of searches for different recreation activities in Hong Kong in 2021, you'll be surprised to learn what's trending – find out more here!



Hiking, 7600 searches per month

Hiking with 7600 searches takes the top spot as the most searched for activity in 2021. Hong Kong is a wonderful place for hiking. It is full of countryside, with rugged hills, islands and islets. All over Hong Kong, one can find superbly maintained trails ranging from gentle family walks to muscle-aching, long-distance hiking trails.

With so many options for hiking in Hong Kong, it is possible to find good hiking trails in any area that is not built up. Even Hong Kong Island has some great trails, which are especially good for anyone wanting to try hiking.

Remember to check that it is okay for hiking. Hiking in the summertime can be tough in Hong Kong. Make sure to bring and drink enough fluids on your hike. After a long hike, you can always use a foot massager to soothe sore feet.


Bouldering, 3200 searches per month

With 3200 searches, bouldering is the second most trending activity in 2021. Bouldering, as well as traditional climbing, are all on offer in the hills around Hong Kong. There are many good bouldering sites outside the city, including cliffs and crags. 

Hong Kong has several good indoor climbing and bouldering centres if you are starting out. However, we highly recommend visiting some good coastal and inland bouldering on various sites, such as Lamma Island or Lantau Island.

 Bouldering uses a lot of energy, and surely you will feel sure afterwards. A massage gun is a great way to soothe those sore muscles.

Wakesurfing, 1900 searches per month

Wakesurfing is proving to be an upcoming sport in 2021 with 1900 searches. Wakesurfing is one very fun water sport. With wakesurfing, the wakesurfer rides the waves of a boat's wake instead of being pulled by the rope continuously.

Also, the wakesurfer's feet are not strapped to the board, which is the case of wakeboarding. Once on the boat's wake, wakesurfers let go of the rope and ride the endless wave that is the boat's wake.

Hong Kong is surrounded by water, with idyllic backdrops of green mountains. This is the perfect setting for wakesurfing. Some popular areas in Hong Kong for wakesurfing include Sai Kung, Tai Po, Tung Chung, and Tai Tam.

Pole Dancing, 1500 searches per month

With 1500 searches on Google, pole dancing is becoming a popular fitness activity due to its health benefits for both men and women.

Pole dancing exercises the entire body and can increase muscle mass and overall fitness by using the entire body as resistance. There are several pole dance schools all over Hong Kong, with various classes from beginners to experienced dancers.

Hanging upside down on the pole for a good length of time will likely cause some aches and pains. Try using a neck & back massager to soothe worked out muscles.

Roller Skating, 1200 searches per month

Roller skating proves its growing popularity in Hong Kong with 1200 searches on Google. Roller skating with quad skates is now a common sight along Hong Kong's waterfront promenades.

The Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department also has a number of outdoor roller skating rinks across the city. These are well shaded and provide a relaxed environment to try roller skating. 

It is important to wear the correct safety equipment when roller skating. Knee pads, gloves, and a helmet are recommended. These you can purchase from most sports stores in Hong Kong. If you are looking to hire or buy roller skates, you can try Madame Quad in Causeway Bay. It is a local quad skating shop and can also provide guidance for beginners.


Paragliding, 1200 searches per month

Embrace the sky and a bird's eye view with paragliding. With 1200 searches on Google, paragliding ranks up there with popular activities in Hong Kong. Paragliding is not for the faint hearted, and one needs a licence to fly solo.

To get a feel of paragliding, one can take a tandem paragliding flight with a licensed and experienced pilot. Many reputable paragliding schools offer tandem paragliding flights in Hong Kong. These schools also offer training if you truly want to take up paragliding and become a paraglider.

One of the most beautiful things about paragliding is the scenery. Popular paragliding locations include Pak Tam Au, Pat Sin, Ma On Shan, and Lantau Island. 

Recovering tired and sore muscles after a day of fun activities

Whether a day of hiking or a few hours of pole dancing, you will likely feel some muscle aches. This is normal and is a sign of beneficial exercise gained from being active.

RENPHO offers some great remedies to help you recover from muscle aches quickly and effectively. To recover from foot aches, try our foot massager. If you feel aches in your back or neck after bouldering, you can try any of our massage guns. For those who like to lift their general fitness level, we also carry some excellent exercise equipment.

We hope you will try out some of these fantastic, highly searched for activities soon. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.