Most trendy sports classes for kids in Hong Kong 2022 (With Google Figures)

With Spring soon to come to Hong Kong, it is time for kids to get out and play. During the winter months, our kids tend to play indoors. The recent covid situation in Hong Kong also has led many kids to be inactive. So now is the time to plan for your kid's activities that will help them with their physical and mental health.

We have completed extensive research to collect this list of trending sports classes for kids in Hong Kong. According to the data provided by our research tools, these are the most searched sports for kids on Google in Hong Kong, and they might just be the right activity for your kid as well.

yoga For kids

Parents will immediately see the benefits of regular sports activities for their kids. With one or two activities a week, kids will strengthen their bodies, learn new skills, and release their energy. They will be calmer and have a sense of achievement through sports. Without further ado, these are the most searched kids sports on Google.

1. Basketball for kids

Basketball for kids

150 searches on Google confirm that basketball for kids is well-searched in Hong Kong. Basketball is a great sport that can work all muscles and develop your kid's body coordination and motor skills. We recommend parents get their kids started with basketball at the Hong Kong Basketball Academy.

2. Soccer for kids

Football For Kids

50 searches on Google make soccer for kids a popular choice for parents. Soccer (or football) is a great way for kids to learn about being part of a team and at the same time have lots of fun. Little Kickers is a good starting point for kids soccer with classes and equipment tailored specifically to the needs of children, even toddlers.

3. Taekwondo for kids

With 50 searches on Google, Taekwondo for kids is a well-searched sport. Tae Kwon Do is a martial art that can help kids develop a sense of focus and concentration, plus strength. We highly recommend the YWCA, which has a solid kids Taekwondo program.

4. Tennis for kids

With 50 searches on Google, Tennis is a fun sport that will get your kids moving and help build their hand-eye coordination skills. There are many tennis schools in Hong Kong, but we recommend the Hong Kong International Tennis Academy's Monster Tennis programme. This programme starts with playgroup classes for children as young as two to three years old.

5. Rock Climbing for kids

Rock climbing for kids has 40 searches on Google. Rock climbing can bring some intimidating images to mind. However, it is a great family sport when done in a professional and fun space. Kids will build strength, confidence, and coordination. With an expert team of experienced instructors, GoNature is our recommended rock climbing venue for kids.

6. Swimming for kids

Swimming For Kids

With all the great beaches and pools in Hong Kong, swimming is very popular. With 40 searches on Google, swimming for kids is well searched. Swimming is a great exercise for kids, and knowing how to swim will keep your kids safe around water. Get your kids ready for summer and fun times with swimming with Harry Wright International, one of Hong Kong's well-known swimming schools.

7. Gymnastics for kids

If your kids have boundless energy and love jumping around, we suggest getting them into gymnastics. With 40 searches, gymnastics for kids is well searched. Your kids will learn balance plus technique and strength with gymnastics. We recommend Electric Bunny or Kidnetic Sports for kid and toddler gymnastic sports classes and activities.

8. Other popular kids sports in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has many options for kids sports. Some other options for parents to consider are:

  • Table tennis for kids
  • Rugby for kids
  • Badminton for kids
  • Hockey for kids

Each of these sports is popular, with up to 10 searches on Google each. Kids will have a lot of fun, as we are sure their parents will too.

Ice Hockey

Something special for parents

It is such a joy a watch our kids play sports. They will develop important team skills, strength, and coordination while having loads of fun. As well, their confidence and mental well-being will grow.

We know that organizing kids' sports activities are great exercise for parents! It takes much commitment and time. For those busy parents out there who are involved in their kid's sports activities, Renpho offers some great remedies to help relax after a busy kid's session. We recommend trying our eye massager to help calm and relax the mind.

It's time to get ready for Spring! We wish you a lot of fun with your kid's sports activities.