Most Searched Exercise For Quarantine In Hong Kong 2021

Top ways to keep fit during quarantine

Are you coming back to Hong Kong from a business trip or visiting loved ones abroad? Whatever the case, quarantine is mandatory when arriving back in Hong Kong. Long stretches of inactivity or screentime can cause health problems, and isolation can negatively impact your mental health. Want to know how to stay fit during quarantine?

Inactivity can lead to weight gain, loss of muscle strength, and joint damage. Surprisingly, just a few minutes of exercise a day can help prevent these health problems. A decline in your mental well-being is possible, and it has been common for those in quarantine to suffer anxiety and depression due to loss of contact.

Solving these health issues is possible with just 30 minutes a day of exercise. This amount of exercise will strengthen your muscles, help maintain or lose weight, and help your body boost the production of endorphins that elevates mood. To help you get started on your quarantine, we've compiled a list of the most searched quarantine exercises on Google. We are confident that there will be one you'll enjoy.


1. Yoga

9600 searches on Google confirm that yoga is Hong Kong's most popular quarantine exercise. All you need is some comfortable clothing and a yoga mat. If you do not have a Yoga mat, use a towel. There are many free online yoga resources. We recommend Yoga with Adriene, an online yoga community with fantastic online yoga videos.


4600 searches on Google make HIIT Hong Kong's second most searched quarantine exercise. HIIT is short for High-intensity interval training (HIIT), it combines short bursts of intense exercise with rest periods of lower-intensity activity. We have an easy HIIT workout from Lucy Wyndham-Read that you can try, and it only takes a pair of trainers to start and seven minutes to complete.


3. Squats

With 5400 searches on Google, Hong Kong's third most searched exercise is the squat. Performing the squat exercise involves many muscles in the body. To complete a squat, stand straight with your feet hip-distance apart. Face your hips, knees, and toes forward. Then bend your knees and extend your buttocks backward, like sitting back into a chair. Rise back up and repeat. You can start with just a few squats first and then increase the number you can do during quarantine. Here is a video tutorial to get you started.

4. Planks

Planks, with 5000 searches on Google, is the next on the search popularity ranking of quarantine exercises. The plank targets the core muscles and the deep core; it is slightly challenging but gets more fun as you improve. There are many variations, but we highly recommend starting with the "elbow plank". Like the squat, start with a lower target first and then increase your target throughout quarantine. Here is a video tutorial to ensure you do your elbow plank correctly.

5 and 6. Push-ups and Sit-ups

Push-ups and sit-ups had 1300 and 1000 searches, respectively. Most of us remember doing these exercises in gym class at school. You will not need much apart from comfortable clothes to do these exercises.

7. Lunges

Lunges had 1000 searches on Google. It ranks seventh most searched quarantine exercise. It is a great exercise to break up the day and get your legs moving after sitting around for an extended period. It is an excellent exercise for strengthening your core, buttocks, and legs. Doing 10 lunges every hour during the day is an easy way to keep fit during quarantine.

8. Jump rope

The jump rope has 500 searches on Google. It may not be as popular as previously mentioned exercises. However, it is an effective way to get good cardio fitness and drive up your mood with endorphins. We recommend playing your favorite music and get jumping with our RENPHO Smart Jump Rope!

Jump Rope

Other exercises

There are always so many exercises to try. Any exercise you can do during quarantine will benefit your health and mental state. Some other well searched exercises are:

  • Handstands (400 searches)
  • Chair dips (60 searches)
  • Wall Angel (40 searches)

One exercise not included here is cycling on an indoor smart bike. Cycling is a top way to keep healthy and fit. Best of all, you can cycle while watching TV! Try out our AI Smart Bike! It is algorithmically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Recovering after exercise

Exercise will make your muscles ache. Many of the suggested exercises will require you to have some recovery right after.

Renpho offers some great remedies to help you recover from muscle aches quickly and effectively. To recover from exercise quickly, try any of our massage guns. These will help to soothe those sore muscles. Alternatively, you may like to relax with our Eye Massager to ease workout muscles.

Going into quarantine is not easy on your health or mental well-being. These exercises will keep you fit and help pass time during your isolation. Remember to dress appropriately for exercise sessions and take any necessary safety precautions. Most of all, have fun while exercising.