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Finger Eye Massager

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Deep Relaxation Through Vibration

Renpho eye massager adopts 360° rotating and vibrating technology to improve eye blood circulation & absorption of eye cream. 16 soft silicone nodes vibrate rhythmically around the eye like little fingers and accurately tap point-to-point without squeezing your eyeballs and ruining eye makeup, etc. Effectively relieve eye fatigue, dry eyes, dark circles, etc.

4 massage modes

Renpho finger eye massager is equipped with 4 massage modes: Tension Relief, Retinal Protection, Youth Radiance, and Regeneration to relax your eyes in various ways. Wear it for 10-Min before going to bed every night, you will feel relaxed and enjoy a restful sleep. Finger eye massager vibrates the skin around the eyes to improve eye circulation, thereby relaxing the eyes and delaying the aging of the eye area.

Vision Window Design

Renpho Finger eye massager is designed with mesh holes which allow you to look around, watch videos and eat snacks while enjoying the massage.

0.4 lbs Ultra Lightweight & Adjustable Headband

Renpho Finger Eye Massager only weighs 0.4 lbs, so you can put it in your bag for your daily commute, business trip or vacation. The headband can be easily adjusted to fit all sizes, men or women, teens or seniors. This would be a special gift for family or friends.

Voice Broadcast & Bluetooth Connection

Renpho Finger eye massager built-in speaker supports voice broadcast for easy operation with one button. You can also play your own playlists via Bluetooth. With the music, our eye massager can help you immerse in a more relaxing environment, can help reduce anxiety & strain and promote better sleep quality.